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About Auto Rim Shop

Established in 2015, Auto Rim Shop stands tall as the nation's leading e-commerce retailer of Automotive Wheels & Rims. We've grown swiftly from our humble start-up roots to become a dynamic powerhouse in the industry, thanks to our uncomplicated, yet innovative, shopping solutions.

Our game-changer? We're making the automotive industry transparent and accessible for everyone. At Auto Rim Shop, we're taking the guesswork out of the buying process. We arm you with the right tools, support, and knowledge that empower you to make decisions with ease and confidence.

Our mission goes beyond just selling parts; we aim to return to you the freedom to comprehend, decide, and act independently. We believe in guiding you every step of the way, providing the reassurance and expertise you need to tackle any automotive challenges that may come your way.

Auto Rim Shop was founded with a clear vision: to democratize knowledge within the automotive industry. We're more than a retailer; we're your trusted ally on the road of automotive understanding and independence.

Come and experience the Auto Rim Shop difference today. Let's drive towards a future where everyone has the freedom to navigate the automotive world confidently and independently.


We invest heavily in courses and in the growth of employee knowledge to give our customers all the information necessary to solve their daily problems. We place our users at the center of our growth, so that our customers become our evangelists.


We are the best-in-class experience for all our customers. We always listen with an empathetic ear and try to go above and beyond in every interaction.


We will always do what is right for the customer, even if it means losing a few dollars. To us, it’s more important that a customer understands what they are buying than just blindly filling orders.


Whether it is a luxury car, or a common utility car, for us quality is paramount. The customer must always have the best possible option. Democracy is the basis of our business.


Our price makes our products accessible to everyone, with an eye to sustainability and being green.